Free Ableton Live Pack, ‘Singularities’, Based On Vintage Synths

Ableton has released a free Live Pack for Live 10, Singularities, inspired by classic synths.

Huston Singletary

Singularities features 40 Instrument Racks. Ableton’s lead sound designer, Huston Singletary, developed the instruments, fine-tuning the more intricate features of Live’s onboard devices (like filter, pitch and volume envelope slopes and key tracking) to recreate expressive and realistic playback, reminiscent of the original hardware.

The Pack is based on samples from vintage gear, including the Juno 106, Minimoog, Oberheim OB-X and Korg Polysix. There are 40 Simpler-based Instrument Racks – with bass, pads, leads and keys – each with eight Macros.

All 40 Simpler/Sampler instruments were made using a single sample – the same approach as classic samplers, which offered a signature sound based on single-sample playback. The effect is a somewhat ‘rawer’ and more digital sound that cuts through a mix.

Singletary has shared demos and tutorials using the sounds on his Instagram page.


  • 40 Simpler-based Instrument Rack presets – bass, pad, lead and keys
  • 2 Drum Kits
  • 150 Drum and Music MIDI clips
  • 3 Demo songs


Singularities is available now as a free download, and works with all editions of Ableton Live 10.

8 thoughts on “Free Ableton Live Pack, ‘Singularities’, Based On Vintage Synths

  1. This is a pretty awesome pack. Used it to play around and jamm some 80s inspired sounds.. nice! I like retro sounds so this fits great.

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