New Wavetables In Novation Peak 1.2

Here’s an in-depth look at the new wavetable options in Novation Peak firmware 1.2.

In the video, CALC (Chris Calcutt) takes you through the 43 wavetables added to the Wave menus, and how they can be accessed for new sound design options.

Firmware 1.2 enhances the Novation Peak with 43 new wavetables, much more modulation, redesigned the Mod Matrix, FX Modulation, microtuning, plus new soundpacks from Patricia Wolf and GForce software. Details are available at the Novation site.

4 thoughts on “New Wavetables In Novation Peak 1.2

  1. This is not an “in-depth” look, the video barely scratches at the surfuce of the topic. Questions not answered:

    – Which are the new wavertables? What are their names?
    – How do they sound?
    – What type of sound is each meant to be used for?
    – Where do their waveforms come from?
    – How many entries do they have?
    – Can the wavetable position be modulated with every mod source (I hope so)?
    – Which wavetables are best modulated with which mod source? E.g. for pwm waves you’d normally use lfo, for waves making up a filter sweep an envelope, for a wavetable with fm waves with differing mod index you’d often use velocity as the modulator.

    …and so on.

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