Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll vs British Politicians – Against The Clock

The latest episode of Fact Magazine’s Against The Clock series features Paul Hartnoll of Orbital – and the sampled voices of several British politicians.

Video Summary:

Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll went against the clock to see if he could make something beautiful out of vocal samples from a variety of British politicians.

Why? He says it best himself: “Why not make some sense out of a load of old rubbish?”

Using a couple of samplers and a drum machine, the rave pioneer had just ten minutes to build a track from a variety of manipulated samples, including a ‘Boris Johnson kick drum’ and a ‘Theresa May lead’, in the hope that the resulting sounds are at least “prettier than when they went in”.

16 thoughts on “Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll vs British Politicians – Against The Clock

    1. What does his age have anything to do with anything? If a track sounds good it’s good no matter how old the person is lol. There also are far older musicians making music than him as well.

  1. I really liked against the clock until they turned off the comments. He did pretty good considering the time constraints and the limited samples he gave himself. He definitely has an ear for great sounds and clearly has a defined sound of his own. I just hate that we can’t ask questions about gear and setups. It’s why I hardly watch them anymore. I see so many methods and tricks that I would love to intergrate into my workflow but there is no way to ask anything.

    1. Neither was I. But I guess it just shows that even a veteran like PH can start with a cool concept that ends in a boring track.

      1. boring?
        as soon as he starts playing a few notes in it sounds like instant orbital
        i find this rather interesting
        how many of these things have we seen where the output is so boring that it could have been from anybody? 😉

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