Making A DIY Modular Synth In Africa

In this video, Ugandan Bamanya Brian (TheDIYer) discusses building a DIY in Africa, and demonstrates his personal system.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

A few months ago I dipped my feet into the world of modular synths. The entire African continent has only one shop selling Euro rack modules, which is really sad. Also, Eurorack modules are over priced, for someone in my context. My only option was to go the DIY route.

I looked up schematics and started modifying some circuits and building others from scratch. All parts in my modular were sourced locally. In a few months I have learnt so much about electronics and analog synths and I have built what is an almost decent modular synth.

I believe this is Africa’s first home made modular synth.

I hope this video inspires someone out there to build their own synth. Feel free to ask any questions and please share and subscribe.

via Briac

12 thoughts on “Making A DIY Modular Synth In Africa

  1. So cool to see this. And yes – Brian rocks!

    DIYing an entire modular is challenging in the US, where we’ve got all the resources we’d want. Doing it on the cheap, without any support network, is that much more impressive.

  2. Very vintage sounding, greeeeat man! All used electronics might make the difference. Superb sound and cool sequencing. I hear african bongos & beats! 😉

  3. Man thanks for sharing. That is awesome. Really great sound and very inspiring. I’ve only played around with DIY a little bit but hacking on existing designs and working out your own schematics even if it’s the only way you can get the gear is still impressive. Maybe you should start the first Ugandan/African modular company.

  4. #Coachella sign up this cool cat.
    #HerbieHancock #DerrickMay #JuanAtkins #KevinSaunderson #JeffMills will love him to bits.

    Inspiring Hombre.

  5. Sure, Africa has no need of a guy smart enough to learn electronics by himself, that can teach to the others and even contribute to give a positive image of his continent… btw, could you tell me which country needs a modular-synth in first place?

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