17 thoughts on “Korg Kross Update At NAMM 2019

        1. Me.

          Nice to have some options. It is only the accents that are these colours. There are plenty of same coloured keyboards, good luck to Korg for doing something different

  1. The new factory patterns are good. Problem: Korg’s Drum Track is really nothing more than a single track playback of a preset pattern. There are no parameters that modify what comes out of it, in terms of rhythmic quantization or swing feel. Whatever the pattern does is what it does. Once you have copied or recorded it into a sequencer track, then you can use a dialog to change the feel. Mega bummer: It’s just going to display the default values when you call it up. If the pattern is already swinging, it’s not going to reflect that in the dialog!!! Swing value shows zero. That doesn’t make sense. Korg totally screwed up that one.

  2. Is this “update” only for the 61 key models? I guess Korg has been using their time and resources to update this and the Krome, while the Kronos gets a slap of red paint. Maybe the red paint was leftover from making these “new” keyboards.

  3. These are the kinds of products aimed at people that call synthesizers “piano machines” or “keyboards with knobs.”

  4. Same deal with this that I have with the Krome: cheesy key action. However, I’m not the target buyer for this and neither are a lot of you. Its an intro synth for newbies who want to make EDM noises, as clearly stated. Ragnhild has a fair point about the swing value, but that’s why you add a DAW or a more detailed hardware sequencer for the job. Its a serious starter synth that’s pretty capable on its own, no doubt aimed at getting users to a point of savvy where they start adding more gear where the Krome falls short. If you gave me the yellow one, though, I would find a way to squirt some lemon Pledge in your drink when you weren’t looking. That’s the Hello Kitty model. Have some class, jeez.

  5. I saw a Facebook comment that associated each cartoon character with the color of the Kross. The new Kross is available in Pooh Honey Orange, Doraemon Berry Blue, Hello Kitty Sakura Pink, and Pikachu Electric Yellow.

  6. Everyone knows synths should look serious, and not colorful and “fun” looking. The crowd totally pays attention to what gear looks like and judges skill level based on that. ?

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