Junkie XL Explains The ‘Chardonnay Buy’, Plus The Future Of Film Scoring

The latest Rick Beato video features his interview with Tom Holkenborg, aka Junkie XL.

Holkenborg discusses how he built up his fantastic collection of synths, the difference between a ‘coffee buy’ and a ‘chardonnay buy’, ‘Mickey Mousing’, his love of the Blade Runner soundtrack, why modern film composers need to balance orchestral skills with electronic music skills and his thoughts on the future of film scoring.

For more of Holkenborg’s views, see our Junkie XL interview and his video series on Youtube.

5 thoughts on “Junkie XL Explains The ‘Chardonnay Buy’, Plus The Future Of Film Scoring

  1. I’ve made a few ‘Chardonnay buys’ myself, except that in my case they were probably ‘tequila buys’!

    That generally leads to ‘synth guilt’ – when you’ve bought gear that you haven’t really taken the time to really learn, so you feel guilty about it, but the shiny has already worn off, so you want to get something new!

    Great interview. I love how down to earth Holkenborg is, and Beato does a great job of asking smart questions.

  2. Tom Holkenborg is a hero. The amoount of time hes spends on sharing his knowledge for free via his YouTube-channel is insane.

    1. I have one, programming the faders and midi input is super complicated, even the mod wheel isn’t automatically assigned to cc1, the pedal inputs don’t automatically assign to sustain???? WTF. The key action is awesome…. the size is really almost too large to fit any desk on the market turns out. so… its alright…

  3. Favorite quote (re: amount of practice it takes to get good at an orchestral instrument):

    “When you stand in front of an orchestra there’s like two to 400,000 hours of extreme experience in front of you.”

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