Elastic FX Update Brings Improvements For Guitar Players, Live Jamming

Developer Oliver Greschke has updated Elastic FX for iOS with a variety of improvements, for guitar players and for anyone doing live performance.

Here’s what he has to say about the update:

I lately started playing more guitar again and also started to re-collect all these nice colorful (Boss, Ibanez, Maxon, etc.) stomp boxes. But then I was annoyed by the mess in front of my guitar amp in my living room, that’s why I decided that Elastic FX has to do the job – keep it clean, keep all in one box!! ?

So some of the the new features of Elastic FX Vers 1.2 are especially made with playing guitar in mind, but useful for all musicians of course.

New features include:

  • A new preamp section:
    • A tuner
    • An additional compressor with a built in noise gate, comping in front of the 4 FX units (while the master compressor comes ofter the effects)
    • New Overdrive and Distortion effect to boost a guitar amp
    • Since Vers. 1.1.8 the 4 FX OnOff buttons also react on Midi CC, not only Midi note messages (helpful for MIDI midi foot-controller)
  • Other new features are:
    • Another Reverb effect, called “New Big”
    • Added Audioshare Export/Import for audio files
    • “Open In“ for audio and preset files works from other apps now also
    • Possibility to quickly record some ideas as audio in the Audiofiles overlay
    • Added Midi Bluetooth search
    • Bugfixed Background Audio option
    • Several other bugfixes and improvements

Pricing and Availability

ElasticFX is available now for US $9.99.

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