5 thoughts on “Danilo Rea vs Blawan – ‘Peaches’

  1. This is conceptually interesting but seems like it could be mixed differently for greater effect. As it is, the piano sounds like it’s just sitting over the track, rather than a part of the track. This is fair for the purposes of the video to clearly illustrate the call and response, but the end result doesn’t make as much sense to me without incorporating the improvisation into the mix.

    1. Your point is entirely valid, but you kind of pass over the main thing which is that this is really nice improvisation.

      Could be cool for him to release both the piano and the other track and let people have fun remixing.

  2. VERY nice piano work! What a fun blend with the electronic component. I love cockeyed, semi-jazzy improv that has a whiff of prog to it. You can do similar noodling and discover fresh ideas that turn into whole new compositions, or good drop-in breaks. Jagged motifs and weird chords can strike you from nowhere. Loosen up, take time to fool around a little and see what crops up.

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