EuroTile 1U Modular Synthesizer

Syinsi has launched a Kickstarter to fund production of the EuroTile system, a complete 1U Eurorack-compatible modular synthesizer.

1U Tiles are small self-contained modules, sometimes seen in a row in Eurorack systems, with the modules typically adding utility functions. Syinsi has created a complete line of the 1U Tiles, including VCOs, VCFs and more.

Here’s our interview with EuroTile creator Mark Pitcher, who gave us an overview and demo of his system at Knobcon 2017:

Since we talked to Pitcher, he’s made these improvements to the system:

  • Lower profile. Sleeker looks and easier to mount tiles.
  • More powerful and efficient power supply.
  • Headers for power connector instead of Tile Tails.
  • Almost all exposed seams hidden.
  • Aluminum top rails instead of captive-nuts.
  • Many, many more minor improvements.

Audio Demos:

You can find details on the EuroTile system at the project site. Individual modules are also available via the Syinsi site.

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