Tasty Chips GR-1 v2.0 Hands-On Demo

Tasty Chips has released a free update for their GR-1 hardware granular synthesizer.

GR-1 v2.0 makes it multitimbral, and adds many new features and improvements.

The new GR-1 engine lets you stack up to four patches, assign patches to MIDI channels and/or to play mode, record audio to one patch in real-time and play chords and solos with the others.

The update is available now at the Tasty Chips site.

6 thoughts on “Tasty Chips GR-1 v2.0 Hands-On Demo

  1. This machine could use a little bit better worked out case imo. Color scheme and lettertype are alright. A case less small on the frontend and some side panels, that would make it definitely look better. But that´s me…

    1. Plenty of companies on eBay that will make wooden side-cheeks for you 🙂
      What matters here is all the dedicated hands-on control you have + a big screen to see what’s going on!

  2. The GR-1 is awesome, great UI, and it’s the first time I have a granular synth with true hands-on control – plus these guys are really putting a lot of hard work and dedication in to the OS – a true winner!

  3. I have had hours of fun with the GR-1. There is immediate feedback between the adjustment of the controls and the sound coming out. It just feels right. The version 2 software brings multi-timbral facilities to the table. I think that Tasty Chips create far-out instruments that no-one else dare try. This is an excellent product that puts pure software granular synths in the shade. My recommendation is to buy yourself one now and help support these guys.

  4. I was backer #1 on kickstarter. I love this thing so much, the guys behind it are great and always respond to any emails I send. They improved the manual over time, the updates are solid.

    1. I agree. I’ve been nothing but impressed with how responsive they are, and how they are constantly looking to improve it with updates. And they are a tiny company!

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