Tom Holkenborg’s SCORE Academy Offers Real-World Training For Film Composers

Composer Tom Holkenborg has announced SCORE Academy – a unique opportunity for composers interested in a film scoring career to learn from from one of Hollywood’s most in-demand composers.

The program will offer two students a free, year-long program that’s designed to “raise students skill sets to the highest level in all aspects of scoring, sound design programming, music production, music technology and film music business.”

Holkenborg’s film scoring credits include: Deadpool, Mad Max: Fury Road, Black Mass, Alita: Battle Angel, Divergent and the forthcoming Terminator: Dark Fate. He has worked with directors Robert Rodriguez, George Miller, Tim Miller and James Cameron.

‘I have always been a passionate advocate of making education accessible to all, and my SCORE Academy will provide the hands-on tuition and training that’s required to make it as a composer,” said Tom Holkenborg. “Vocational education in this field is invaluable, and SCORE Academy will equip our students with the tools they need to succeed.’

SCORE Academy will mentor selected emerging film composers, taking a deep dive into production; tackling mixing, building sample libraries, working in surround sound, cue structure, sample and plug-in usage, among many other technical skills. Outside the studio the program will also provide tuition on navigating director/composer relationship and work-flow, marketing and promotion, and the business side of Hollywood.

The Academy says that applicants should:

  • Have a master degree in film scoring or any form of music composition on a university level. Could also be master in violin, drums or whatever instrument or sub study; or
  • Be self-taught, and supremely talented.

They should also:

  • Have a sole interest to become a composer for media in any format (TV, streaming, film, video game, etc.)
  • Have interest BOTH in classical orchestral music and modern music and relatively solid knowledge of all music styles
  • Be able to write in different styles fluently and is comfortable with modern music
  • Come from a part of the world where it’s relatively easy obtain a visa for a year in the USA

An online application is available at the SCORE Academy site.

4 thoughts on “Tom Holkenborg’s SCORE Academy Offers Real-World Training For Film Composers

  1. Relevant details:

    – Program runs 9 months, one academic year.
    – Only two students will be selected from the applicants.
    – Tuition is completely free.
    – Students are responsible for covering their own living expenses, there is no stipend or financial aid.
    – There’s a $100 fee to apply for consideration.

    Sounds like a very good deal for someone very talented who would benefit from a personal mentorship with a top film composer.

  2. What a good guy. Nothing but respect for people who have made it and put effort into helping others coming up behind them.

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