Land of the Rising Sound, A Free Documentary About Roland

Alex Ball, who recently dug into the secrets of the Terminator 2 soundtrack, has shared a full-length documentary on Roland, Land of the Rising Sound.


Land of the Rising Sound: A Roland Retrospective.

The story of Roland is one of the most expansive and influential in the world of music technology. This feature length documentary sets out to tell it through their iconic inventions.

12 thoughts on “Land of the Rising Sound, A Free Documentary About Roland

  1. Whoever came up with the idea at Roland to make those dinky little “boutique” synths should be fired !!!!!

    They are just too ridiculously small !!!!!

        1. SH-101s have a keyboard and real Curtis chips. It is a monophonic synthesiser, If it played more than one note, it wouldn’t be what it was sold as. Patch memories? There is the argument that synthesisers went down hill after memories were introduced, much as the Pistols were over when Sid joined. I would like to have seen the prices for 101’s if they had patch memories.

  2. I wonder if the Behringer “engineers” have this as a training/ideas video (honourable exception for the Midas engineers)?

  3. This video is fantastic. Go watch it!

    I’m not even particularly a fan of Roland gear (though I do like my JX-3P), but this really drove home, how influential Roland has always been.

  4. Enjoyed every second of this Roland history. I have used many Roland products through the decades from the first Roland electric EP 30 piano , Junos, Jx -ps ,D-50s, various rhythm machines, boss pedal & gadgets, etc..
    Well and nice done with all audio grove examples and historical perspective. Nice job! Hands up!!

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