Propellerhead Brings Back Figure & Take iOS Apps

Propellerhead has announced that it’s bringing back Figure & Take for iOS.

The two apps were originally introduced by Propellerhead, but were spun off several years go with its Allihoopa startup. Allihoopa shut down in January, leaving the two apps in limbo.

Now they’re back at Propellerhead. Here’s what the company has to say about it:

We’ve acquired Figure and Take from the now defunct Allihoopa. We’re releasing them as Propellerhead apps and will be bringing them into the family of Propellerhead music making tools.

We originally developed both Figure and Take. When Allihoopa split off from us, those apps went with them.

After Allihoopa closed down, we couldn’t let those great music making apps die, so we brought them home to the Propellerhead family.

Since the Allihoopa sharing service no longer exists, we had to remove dependencies to Allihoopa inside each app‚ e.g. no browsing Allihoopa or dropping to Allihoopa. As we progress, we intend to fill some of these holes in other ways through a series of updates.

The apps are still free, but require a Propellerhead account.

4 thoughts on “Propellerhead Brings Back Figure & Take iOS Apps

  1. combine all those apps/technologies into reason compact (mobile) and get it on the ipaddddddd

    🙂 . at your own pace of course.

  2. I never really got Allihoopa but I was sad to see it go because Gadget used it as well. It seemed like it was killed off before its time.

    The sharing features of Figure were cool, but I echo the desire for a real Reason on iOS. I mean, iOS devices can already run Thor and Europa, but I miss the rest of the Reason rack and its CV-style routing, sequencer, etc..

  3. iOS devices already run Thor and Europa, but I miss the rest of the Reason rack as well as its CV-style patching capabilities, mixing, and sequencing. I’d love to see Propellerheads’ answer to Gadget.

    Speaking of Gadget, it also used Allihoopa, and that’s the major reason (sic) that I lament Allihoopa’s premature demise.

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