Burg + Tara Busch (I Speak Machine) – The Silent Earth

Music video for Burg + Tara Busch (I Speak Machine)The Silent Earth.

The Silent Earth (end credits) is the first single from the upcoming BURG album “The Silent Earth.”

Here’s what Burg has to say about it:

When I started writing the new album in 2018, it slowly turned into an imaginary soundtrack that began telling the tales of a silent earth, long lost friends and family, and a planet scorched deeply by the chaos it has been subjected to.

The album is heavily influenced by early 70’s and 80’s sci-fi movies, from back in the day when the stories were slower and took longer time to tell because they were important to the director, and set the foundation and style of the genre. One of the missing pieces when the album got close to completion was the last track, the one that plays at the end of the movie while the end credits are rolling, the track that gives the listener a slight feeling of hope from all the despair.

I paired up with I Speak Machine for a collaboration over at their Patreon, Tara Busch lending her unique voice and aesthetics to the title track. The final result is a blend of I Speak Machine and BURG in the best way imaginable, a dystopian tune with a small shimmer of hope.

I am releasing a vinyl single with “The Silent Earth (end credits)” as the A-side. The track on the B-side, “The Quiet Earth” is exclusive to the single. The single is limited to 200 copies only, and is a special long play 7″ 33rpm blue colored vinyl. The single is available for pre-order now, the first 50 at a special discounted price.

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