Muffwiggler Founder Mike McGrath Has Died

Mike McGrath

Mike McGrath, founder of the synth-focused web forum Muff Wiggler, has died.

In a post on the site, admin Stephen Drake (sduck) shared the news:

Mike McGrath, aka Muff Wiggler, has passed away. He was the head admin and founder of this forum.

I don’t know many details, and nothing I want to share. This has been terrible news for me and many others. was registered as a site in 2006 and has grown into one of the most active synth-related forums in the world. The site has over 45,000 registered users that have made over two million posts.

The forum has been, for many, an import portal into the world of synthesis and an opportunity to connect with other synthesists.

In 2008, McGrath reflected on the site’s 10,000th post:

“Little celebration today, as the forum received it’s 10,000th post. I find this pretty amazing to be honest and I want to sincerely thank all the great people at the forum for making something like this possible.

Far beyond my wildest dreams when I first uploaded the thing, simply to get to play around with phpBB and look under the hood.”

22 thoughts on “Muffwiggler Founder Mike McGrath Has Died

      1. No one said they’re offended, just that it’s a more considerate and even phrasing. It’s like your looking for something to rally against. Gives your post a real pot, kettle, black vibe.

    1. When I die, if anyone ever says that I have ‘passed’ or ‘passed-away’ I’m coming back and haunting their ass for the rest of time. “Passed away” is one of the most annoying phrases in the English language. When someone dies, it’s sad, sometimes tragic but nonetheless “death” is a very real and important part of life.

      OK, rant is over, we now return you to regular synth geek-speak.

      Also, sorry to hear of Mike’s death. I know it must be hard on his family.

  1. Ugh, this is so sad. He started such a great site and I was so excited to see him open his own store (though eventually closed not long after the start). His legacy will live on via Rest in peace, friend. 🙁

  2. Thanks for muffwiggler Mike McGrath….and may your spirit live on…
    I learned so much from muffwiggler…thanks thanks thanks!
    And all the best to his family and friends that have lost him.

  3. He’s not a celebrity…he’s a man who did a lot for a community many of us love and value. It’s sad he died and I’m glad I’ve been told.

  4. He was one of the young men, that to me – seemed to promise a bright future for Electronic Music. A guy who got it, lived it, and made it prosper. He will be sadly missed. Even by people who don’t know him and his massive contributions. Rest in peace, Mike McGrath.

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