SoundForce Intros Juno-Inspired Oscillator For Eurorack Modular Synthesizers

SoundForce has introduced its first Eurorack module, the SoundForce DCO.

The SoundForce DCO is an oscillator for Eurorack, based on the architecture of the Juno-60/106 oscillator section. They describe it as “a modern homage to that sound, using technology from the future.”


  • 10 slide pots (faders) reminiscent of the vintage Roland synths.
  • 5 sound sources are available: SAW, PULSE, SUB1 (1 octave lower), SUB2 (2 octaves lower) and NOISE.
  • The built-in mixer allows you to mix them together using the faders and the MIX output jack.
  • The PULSE has manual pulse width control, as well as PWM with a CV input and an attenuator.
  • An FM input is also available with an attenuator.
  • The oscillator can be hard synced to another oscillator using the SYNC input.

Here’s what SoundForce has to say about the technical details:

A DCO is not an all-analog VCO, but also not a digital oscillator. It’s a hybrid design that combines the best of both.

Similarly to some VCO’s, the DCO generates its core waveform, the saw wave, by charging a capacitor in an op-amp integrator configuration. A VCO will restart the waveform cycle when the signal has reached its maximum amplitude. But the DCO starts a new cycle when a micro-controller, a small computer chip, commands it to. The micro-controller also controls the rate at which the capacitor is charging, hence the frequency of the oscillator.

As with a digital oscillator, the DCO acquires the CV input voltages and turns them into numbers that will later set the frequency of the oscillator. This is done inside the micro-controller using 16 bits sigma-delta analog to digital converters.

All signals are true analog signals: the PULSE wave is derived from the SAW wave using a comparator and the SUB oscillators are generated using a flip-flop IC. Furthermore, the use of a very modern micro-controller with built-in 32 bits timers has improved the frequency accuracy a lot compared to the original design.

Video Demo:

Price and Availability:

The module is available to pre-order at 229 euros incl. VAT (189 euros outside of Europe) via the SoundForce webshop. It is expected to ship in June.

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