Befaco Introduces VCMC Voltage-Controlled MIDI Controller (Sneak Preview)

At Superbooth 2019, Befaco introduced the Voltage Controlled Midi Controller (VCMC).

Befaco describes the VCMC as ‘a twist on the old concept of CV to MIDI, providing the unit a performative touch and total control over the messages Mapped, thanks to the OLED screen on the module. They’ve designed the module to let you shift the control tasks in your live setup from DAWs or tabletop sequencers to your modular rig.

“We look forward CV-centric systems, rather than MIDI-centric ones,” they note.

VCMC features eight faders and push buttons, as well as CV and Gate inputs that can be linked to automate the controls or used independently to provided expanded options.

In this video from Superbooth, Diego from Befaco gives a quick intro to the VCMC:

Details on pricing and availability are to come, but Befaco says that the module is its latest stage of development, and should be available soon.

Video via Gearslutz

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