Busy Circuits Introduces Squid Salmple 8-Channel Eurorack Sampler

At Superbooth 2019, Busy Circuits introduced The Squid Salmple, a Eurorack 8 -channel audio & CV sampler that’s designed for real-time sampling, editing and mangling.

With support for sampling and playback for both audio and CV, as well as CV control of all parameters and on-the-fly bank loading & saving to USB, The Squid Salmple is designed to bring old-school sampling into the modular realm.

The developers say that The Squid Salmple “focuses on usability & instinctive operation, incorporating a proven Pamela’s Workout-style user interface for minimal screen dependence and a fun, hands-on experience.”


  • 8 independent channels, 4 DC coupled outputs (2 channels per out) and a mix output (AC coupled).
  • 1 recording input handling both CV and audio input from line to modular level. Records to any channel.
  • Each channel has approx 11 secs of 16 bit / 44.1khz mono sample time stored in low latency RAM.
  • Each channel can have various parameters edited all in real time; bit depth, rate, playback speed/pitch, amplitude level with a simple envelope, looping with crossfade, playback direction., start, end and loop ‘cue’ positions, multiple cue groups and more.
  • Three CV inputs allow for CV control to be assigned to any & multiple parameters. Channels 6,7 & 8 have dedicated 1v/oct input for control of pitch.
  • Sampling initiation and channel destination can be controlled by either automated patching or manually via UI controls.
  • Save and load samples to USB keys as regular Wav format files arranged in quick to use Banks of 8. (Up to 99 banks per key)
  • 19HP size, 38mm depth, Approx 300ma +12v, 50ma -12v

Pricing and Availability

The Squid Salmple is expected to ship in late June, 2019, priced at £399. See the Busy Circuits site for more information.

4 thoughts on “Busy Circuits Introduces Squid Salmple 8-Channel Eurorack Sampler

    1. Americans say the word “salmon” like “samon” – i think this is a play on that – “salmple” = “sample”

  1. They are inserting their company name in the middle of the word sample: s ALM ple

    ALM is the name of the company that makes it (also Busy Circuits). It’s printed on the bottom right of all their modules. (Company owner: Matthew Allum)

    1. Ah… so it’s not just carefully calculated to set off several minutes of nervous twitching every time I see it, there’s actually a reason for it.

      I don’t know if that makes it better, though. I kind of appreciated it more when I thought the “typo” was just trolling…

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