A Love Letter To The Roland TR-808 Drum Machine

This video, by Sunshine Jones, is described as a A Love Letter to the mighty Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer.

“I am not an authority, nor am I a historian,” notes Jones. “These love letters are…opinion based editorial, and thus they are filled with hyperbole, artistic license and some degree of speaking categorically to get the point across. This is not the first word, or anywhere near the last word on the story I’m telling. It’s just a love letter.”

Video Summary:

Covering a brief re cap of what we already know, and discussing the cultural significance, and lasting inspiration this instrument has had on the world, and music in general, the basics of XOX style programming, a general overview of the drum machine, and a discussion and comparison of the various clones and replicants which are currently available including the System 80 880, The Roland Boutique TR-08, the Roland Aira TR-8, the e-Licktronic Yocto, the Acid Lab MIAMI, and even the TR-606.


8 thoughts on “A Love Letter To The Roland TR-808 Drum Machine

  1. I like the RD-808 better than the Original TR-808. First time I ever liked a clone equal or better to the original. Also at the price Behringer it is instant buy.

  2. Shame that Roland sees your love letter as childish and a waste of their important time away from making their precious new digital drum machines.

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