HyperSynth Hcards v2.0 Gives New Life To Old Synths

HyperSynth has announced Hcards v2.0 – a major update to their line of synth expansion cards.

The new firmware is more stable and adds full compatibility with third party expansions for Yamaha DX series and Roland D50.

The Hcard-701 memory size is also extended from 100 banks to 400 banks (12,800) presets.

Hcard-701 New Features:

  • Expanded from 100 banks to 400 banks (12800 presets).
  • Now compatible with Yamaha DX7 + SuperMax Expansion.

Hcard-702 Supported Devices:

  • Yamaha DX7II-D/FD.
  • Yamaha DX7II + E! Grey Matter Expansion.
  • Yamaha DX11.
  • Yamaha TX-802 (H702 sits in cartridge’s slot with display face downwards).

Hcard-750 Supported Devices:

  • Roland D50 (v1.xx and v2.xx).
  • Roland D50 + MEX Expansion.

Pricing and Availability

All models of Hcards are available for purchase from Hypersynth online store and also authorized dealers in US and EU for $/€149 (Inc Tax/VAT).

12 thoughts on “HyperSynth Hcards v2.0 Gives New Life To Old Synths

  1. So cool, but it also means my Atari would become obsolete after I transfer those sounds to this thing.
    Buying another one for the D50 is still more costly than the 2nd hand price for the Atari, so I think I will keep my Atari. Makes me feel nostalgic too.
    Great these guys are making this though. DX-7’s seem to become more popular again.

    1. +1!

      There are currently 3rd-party carts for the ESQ-1/SQ-80 but nothing yet for VFX/SD-1. I would most definitely be interested (but a floppy emulator would also be pretty cool)

  2. Cool, especially thoughtful that they also support 3rd party extensions on those synths!
    Never heard of this before, so you scored a great added value there synthopia! Thanks.

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