Ableton Introduces Browser-Based Synth, Learning Synths Website

Today, Ableton quietly launched Learning Synths, a new website that teaches the fundamentals of synthesis in an interactive way.  The website includes playful explanations of the basic components of synthesizers, like oscillators, filters, envelopes, and LFOs, as well as step-by-step breakdowns of a range of classic synth sounds.

The step-by-step synthesis lessons are powered by a two-oscillator monosynth that runs entirely in the browser, enabling users to explore and learn the fundamentals of synthesis at their own pace.

More experienced people who already understand synthesis can skip the lessons and dive right into the synth itself, which is available on a separate page and comes with a range of presets and sequences. Users of the Google Chrome browser can even play the browser-based synth with any attached MIDI controller.

Pricing and availability

Learning Synths is free and works on mobile phones, tablets, computers, or any device with internet access and a modern web browser. Additional music tutorials are available in the Learning Music of the Ableton website.

4 thoughts on “Ableton Introduces Browser-Based Synth, Learning Synths Website

  1. Nice one Ableton!
    Like Propellerhead’s online Europa you have to credit software companies for doing this.
    It’s nothing you can’t find out yourself by fiddling with your own synth but for this about to embark on a synth journey and even those bit rusty it’s a fun and informative resource.
    Good on ’em.

  2. Very simple explanations and clear well thought out examples of synth basics. Great for a music teacher or someone who has little background (or wants a refresher) in sound synthesis.
    Works on Android as well.

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