Hands-On With Novation Bass Station II AFX Mode

This video, via Starsky Carr, takes a hands-on look at the new Novation Bass Station II AFX Mode.

AFX Mode lets you modify your Bass Station II patch on a key-by-key basis. You can use it to introduce subtle changes to a sound as you play up and down the keyboard; divide the keyboard into multiple zones (one per key if you like!), each playing its own sound; or to create drum kits in a single preset.

Video Summary:

A quick look at the excellent AFX mode, playing it live and with the arpeggiator and sequencer. Plus how to program an overlay with 25 sounds in one preset using the new overlay function in AFX mode.

Firmware v4.14 is a free update for all Bass Station II users, available via the Components content manager for Mac and PC. For more information about Novation’s Bass Station II, see the Novation website.

9 thoughts on “Hands-On With Novation Bass Station II AFX Mode

  1. You can do the same on an Alesis Micron / AKAI miniak in single-channel mode with a 26 part setup, minus the patch generation.

    1. Aha, yes, but the Micron/Miniak also has vastly more versatility in terms of sequencing and multitimbrality. They truly are/were powerful machines; but VA, not analogue.

      For a fairly low price analogue, the bass station is quite impressive, especially with Novation offering so many great updates; VFX mode probably being the the best update of all.

    2. it’s WAY more intuitive, not comparable, those keyboards you just mentioned have only got a few controls, this in combination with all the knobs and the copy and paste take it somewhere completely different.
      This video is also only one way to use it.

    1. It’s a great video that does an excellent demonstration of a 2-month old feature.

      It’s “new” to many, myself included. Calm down.

  2. This synth is a sleeper – killer sounds and great capabilities.

    Not sure why Behringer gets so much hype for the Behringer D. When you look at this, for a little more you’re getting a keyboard synth with WAY more capabilities, great build quality, great sound, and that’s modern and getting regular updates.

    This is the sort of classic that people will be trying to clone in 10 years.

  3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the Bass Station II is the best value in a mono synth under a grand, and even kicks ass compared to those costing much more than a grand. Functionality, sound, it’s all there.

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