I Speak Machine, ‘War Pigs’

I Speak Machine have created a live video cover of the Black Sabbath classic, War Pigs, just in time for the 4th of July holiday, available exclusively on Synthtopia for the next two days:

The cover features synthesist and vocalist Tara Busch playing a synth-centric, voice-shredding, drone-heavy version the Black Sabbath classic.

Busch explains what’s going on:

“In the video, I’m using three of my very favorite synths –  the Oberheim Two-Voice, ARP Odyssey MKI and the Korg MS-20. The Oberheim’s sequencer loops menacingly over a thick drone provided by the ARP.

The high vocal mirrors Tony Iommi’s guitar riff from the original, and is sung through the MS-20’s External Signal Processor.

Finally, the crunchy, lo-fi style vocal is created with a Bastard Electronics BM-88 microphone. The video was shot with three cameras in one live take.”

I Speak Machine is the duo of electronic musician/vocalist Tara Busch and filmmaker Maf Lewis.

With their particular love of vintage analog synths and dark, vivid imagery, ISM have been creating a series of vinyl and digital cover singles, releasing one every month in 2019 through their Patreon site. These have all been Busch’s twisted, melancholic synth-heavy interpretations of the originals, thus far including “Sound Of Silence,” “Cars,” “Ticket To Ride,” “Space Oddity,” “War Pigs,” “Don’t Worry Baby,” and “Boys Of Summer.”  The duo make each of the singles available with complete stems for remixes, collaborations or other musical projects.

Along with an early look at the video, I Speak Machine are also offering Synthtopia readers a free download of the live version of War Pigs, and stems of the song on their Patreon site.

20 thoughts on “I Speak Machine, ‘War Pigs’

          1. it takes a lot of experience with good artists to figure out that criticism doesn’t hurt you, it makes you grow. it may have more to do with jealousy from the young or inexperienced that’s why you take it with a grain of salt and pay attention to where it comes from.

            1. Nah, it’s mostly sad little people who can’t actually create anything and see someone actually do stuff and get jealous. It’s always funny though, when you see people get upset when their criticism is criticized 😉

  1. Love it! Tara is immensely talented and has a great musical sensibility, too. Nice that she takes a classic in an unexpected direction, too.

    Sabbath sounds relevant as ever, sadly.

  2. Gave me chills — in a good way, like when Aretha Franklin would hit a high note. But this hits the dread note.

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