Arturia MicroFreak Battery Power Mod

Markus Fuller shared this video overview of how he modded his Arturia MicroFreak with internal battery power.

“I built a rechargeable battery pack into the Arturia Micro Freak just to see if there was enough space. I would not recommend anyone doing this themselves,” he adds, “as you can just plug a 5 volt battery into the USB port anyway.”

4 thoughts on “Arturia MicroFreak Battery Power Mod

  1. That’s neat, I’ve sort of wondered why Arturia didn’t do this by default, it would have been a nice option to have.

  2. Ah your way (incl recipe) to become a hipster…sitting on the bus with an invisible charged microfreak :p

      1. Yes – while the brains of the microFreak may be open source code that’s available everywhare (Euro, 5U, VCV,, etc), the actual experience and results of playing it on the microFreak are very different and very cool.

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