Free App Brings Mutable Instruments Synth Designs To iOS

Burns Audio has released Spectrum Synthesizer Bundle, a free collection of software synthesizer plugins for iOS, based on classic Mutable Instruments open source designs.

Spectrum is a collection of Audio Unit adaptations of several of Mutable’s popular Eurorack module designs. The collection is made up of four Audio Units – not standalone synths – so they are designed to be used in your DAW or AU host, like Audiobus, GarageBand or AUM.

The collection includes:

  • Spectrum – Multi-mode 8-voice polyphonic oscillator featuring 14 high quality oscillator algorithms
  • Modal – Modal synthesis. Bowed, Blowed, and Struck sounds through a 64-band resonator. Also included as an effect.
  • Resonator – 7 beautiful string generation algorithms. Also included as an effect
  • Granular – Granular sampler, looper, pitch shifter, reverb effect.

Each Audio Unit expands on the original MI design by including:

  • modulation LFO
  • modulation ADSR envelope
  • XY touchpad (except on Modal)
  • 2-source modulation matrix allowing for complex and evolving patches.
  • MIDI CC control of parameters

Spectrum builds on code provided under the MIT open source license by Mutable Instruments.

Pricing and Availability

Spectrum is available now as a free download.

13 thoughts on “Free App Brings Mutable Instruments Synth Designs To iOS

  1. Just downloaded…doesn’t work…i tried with AUM and Cubasis, they don’t see Spectrum as an audio unit!

    1. Worked for me in GarageBand. Maybe try that to verify it’s loaded correctly.

      Also, did you open the Spectrum app? When I did that, it gave a screen saying that the plug-ins were installed. So I wonder if opening the app is needed for them to be installed?

    2. Update is out. Didn’t work for me at first either because I’m still on an earlier iOS version but it’s fixed now.

  2. No Granular included with my download.

    Correction: Borderland Granular is a not an audio-unit, so it shows up as an app in audiobus3; nevertheless it fails to launch. The three audio-units seem to work.

    1. Tried to bring up Granular in GarageBand and AUM – no sign of it in any of the suggested apps except Audiobus3, but it won’t launch there.. Anyone else get granular to work?

  3. Granular works fine in AUM, but it’s an effect. If you read the description that makes sense -it needs input.

    1. Weird I can’t locate it anywhere in AUM. I pulled up the effect slot any there’s no granular to install.

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