New Music From Alessandro Cortini, ‘Amore Amaro’

Synthesist Alessandro Cortini (NIN, SONOIO, Modwheelmood) has a new album on the way, Volume Massimo.

The album is due out September 27 on Mute Records, but you can preview a track from the new album, Amore Amaro, via the embed above.

According to the label, Cortini’s new album “combines his fondness for melody with the rigour of experimental practice. Follows on from 2017’s universally acclaimed album ‘Avanti. 8 tracks of deftly arranged synthesizers saturated with sonic artefacts and luscious pop sensibilities.”

Volume Massimo is available to pre-order now.


01. Amore Amaro
02. Let Go
03. Amaro Amore
04. Batticuore
05. Momenti
06. La Storia
07. Sabbia
08. Dormi

8 thoughts on “New Music From Alessandro Cortini, ‘Amore Amaro’

  1. There are recordings which are mostly about the gear used or other technical aspects of electronic musicking. In this case, though, it sounds to me like it’s all about artistry. As though Cortini could use just about anything, from a full modular setup to an iPad app, and produce something pretty deep. A moment which makes you think that “music comes from the ear, not from the gear”.

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