SSP Eurorack Module Update Adds 24-Channel Audio I/O & More

Percussa has released another big firmware update for its Super Signal Processor (SSP) Eurorack module. The update lets you use the SSP as a multichannel USB audio/cv/trigger/gate interface, supporting up to 24 I/O channels (with 16 physical inputs and 8 physical outputs), at up to 192khz sample rate.

The channels are also DC-coupled, so you can use them not just with audio but with modular control voltages.

They’ve shared a video demo, featuring MATTHS demoing the updated SSP with Ableton Live’s new CV Tools.

When the SSP is plugged in via its USB device port to a Windows or Mac computer, it will show up as an audio device, no drivers are necessary. Testing has been done with Windows 10 (latest build) and Mac OSX Mojave.

Key features in the SSP update include:

  • Ability to stream audio, CV, trigger, gate and other signals via class compliant USB audio, to and from the SSP, using the following channel combinations and sample rates
  • Simplified input module supporting up to 24 channels
  • The output module has been extended to have 24 inputs.
  • Updated recorder to support USB channels – It still records 16 inputs and/or 8 outputs on the SSP, and depending on the sample rate and whether a computer is connected, those input channels might be summed with 8 or more USB channels. This allows you to sample audio directly coming into the SSP via the USB cable from your DAW or soft synths while also still sampling physical input jack signals, simultaneously as a multichannel WAV file.
  • Demo presets – There is one simple preset included with this update which just has the first two channels of an input and output module connected together. Using this preset you can use the SSP to play back stereo music, for example, basically showing how to use the SSP as a normal audio interface (DC coupled) with your computer. This preset can be extended so you can use the SSP as an 16-input/8-output USB class compliant audio interface, for surround for example. Other applications could be to send CVs to and from your DAW, for example to use the patch running in the SSP with Ableton’s CV tools, Max/MSP or other DAW or modular environments running on your computer.

Details on the update are available at the Percussa site.

2 thoughts on “SSP Eurorack Module Update Adds 24-Channel Audio I/O & More

  1. This is an amazing module, and it’s a great upgrade. Unfortunately, the price puts it out of reach of most people.

    I hope they can work out a more accessible module based on this technology. Give it 4 channels of I/o and put the additional I/o on an expansion module!

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