Beatport Sounds Acquired By Loopmasters

Beatport has sold its Beatport Sounds business to Loopmasters.

The transaction also includes a strategic investment in Loopmasters by Beatport to help accelerate the ever-growing production sounds business.

Industry analyst Peter Kirn argues that the acquisition is a sign of the times – and could represent a positive trend for experience producers.

“The population growth of producers may make musicians nervous,” notes Kirn. “But here’s one potential upside – there’s now a growing market for your sounds, not just your tracks. The latest deal between Loopmasters and Beatport points in this direction.”

Launched in 2003, Loopmasters has an evolving product portfolio that includes an a la carte download store for sound packs, a cloud-based subscription service (Loopcloud), and Plugin Boutique. Over the next year, Beatport will integrate Loopmasters’ product suite into its website, so that Beatport’s DJ customers can easily browse and purchase music production tools. This is alongside Beatport’s portfolio of full-length tracks.

Loopcloud is the first product that will appear on the Beatport site under the new partnership.

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