Black Corporation Xerxes, Deckard’s Voice Synthesizers Now Available To Pre-Order

Black Corporation let us know that their new Xerxes and Deckard’s Voice synthesizers are now available to pre-order.

The Xerxes is an 8-voice polyphonic analog desktop synth module that offers full MPE compatibility.


  • 8-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer
  • 2 discrete logic DCOs per voice
  • analogue HP/BP/LP filter
  • 2 LFOs
  • 2 ADSRs
  • polyphonic velocity and aftertouch
  • full MPE (midi polyphonic expression) support
  • analogue BBD stereo chorus
  • 4U rack size with detachable rack ears and wood side panels
  • 10 preset banks (x128)

The total price is $2999, with a pre-order deposit of $999 and the remaining balance of $2000 due when the product is ready for shipping. It’s expected to ship in December.

The Deckard’s Voice is a semi-modular monophonic synthesizer for Eurorack systems, based on the same voice circuits as the Blade Runner-inspired Deckard’s Dream.

Pre-orders are being accepted and it’s expected to ship in November 2019. It’s priced at $699, with a pre-order deposit of $199. More info can be found at their site. A companion module, Rachel, that features a ring modulator with its own reference oscillator and envelope generator, is also expected to be available in November.

5 thoughts on “Black Corporation Xerxes, Deckard’s Voice Synthesizers Now Available To Pre-Order

  1. wauw that is cool, the device on the picture reminds me of the devices Creamware / Sonic Core were releasing around 2006 with Pro-12, MiniMax and Odyssey

  2. Black Corporation is known for building quality instruments, but near 3000 dollar for an 8 voice analog monotimbral desktop, module barebone oscillator / filter model seems to be overpriced on the current market. Why has it got MPE when there are just a few trivial modulation possibilities?
    I’d take a Hydrasynth with expander instead for 16 voices of 21st century awesome sound engine and still have 1000 dollar left.

    1. At least they recognized they couldn’t charge the same hype price for a substantially less complicated synth than the DD…

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