chipsynth MD Recreates Sega Genesis Sound Engine

Plogue has introduced chipsynth MD, a four-operator FM synth, based on the sound engine of the Sega Genesis.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“This member of the chipsynth line is a feature-rich four operator FM synth that packs quite a punch!

The Mega Drive – also known as Genesis – is a much beloved console system that brought the bright and sparkly sound of FM to the masses. It resulted in the creation of numerous fast paced and exciting soundtracks, and it still drives the creativity of composers to this day.

As we designed chipsynth MD, we couldn’t help ourselves but to jam pack it with features that take it to the next level, with an access to every component of the hardware no matter how obscure, and an intelligent layering system that lets you turn any OPN2 patch into a monstrous ear-splitting 6-layer wall of sound!”

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how Plogue modeled the Sega Genesis sound engine:

Pricing and Availability

chipsynth MD is available now for US $49.95.

4 thoughts on “chipsynth MD Recreates Sega Genesis Sound Engine

  1. This is completely awesome. And props to Plogue for including the SN76489 which was the other sound chip used by the Mega Drive/Genesis (and Master System).

    1. Did you watch the video in the article? It accurately emulates the frequency responses of various models! And the YM2612 is very different compared to the YM3438

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