New Polyend Videos Spotlight MPE Capabilities

Polish synth-makers Polyend have released several videos that highlight their instruments’ MPE capabilities.

The first video is an example of MPE use for the Polyend Poly 2 MIDI to CV converter working with the Medusa Hybrid Synth Grid controller in MPE mode. Also included in the setup are three Mutable Instruments Plaits modules, and a Polyend Preset module in action.

Next, Polyend’s Poly 2 MIDI to CV converter module works in the MIDI MPE mode with the ROLI Seaboard keyboard controller. In this example, they are playing three Mutable Instruments Plaits modules, “providing interesting results.”The video features some action from the Preset module too:

In the last video, below, Polyend have made a short tutorial explaining “why it’s worth having both” the Preset module and Seq sequencer. In the tutorial, the Poly 2 converter Seq is steering three Mutable Instruments Plaits, Erica Synths DSP and Intellijel Plonk, while the Preset module is changing their settings and automating their modulations by a press of a single pad.

Polyend have also announced that, in response to user feedback, two of the new Polyend modules have the following bug fixes and feature updates:

  • A Polyend Poly 2 firmware update is now equipped with the Glide function,
  • Polyend Preset firmware update brings the new CV input mode – Sync automation.

For more information about Polyend instruments, firmware updates, and more, check out the Polyend website.


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