Lee “Scratch” Perry + Brian Eno – ‘Here Come The Warm Dreads’

Dub pioneer Lee “Scratch” Perry, above, has released a new collaboration with producer and synthesist Brian Eno.

The track is described as “a radical dub re-work” of Makumba Rock. Production was overseen by Adrian Sherwood. It comes from the forthcoming dub LP Heavy Rain.

You can preview the track below:


7 thoughts on “Lee “Scratch” Perry + Brian Eno – ‘Here Come The Warm Dreads’

  1. This mix is surely meant for loudspeakers in a room. It sounds like crap on headphones. Yet who, in the modern world, has a stereo amplifier, a good set of speakers and the proclivity to turn it up and spread the love around the neighbourhood?

    Is there some kind of app for Android or iOS so people can simulate speakers in a lightly reverberant room when they listen on headphones to music, especially anything from more than two decades ago, which was meant for speakers?

    To what extent have people gotten used to accepting sound arriving in only one ear?

    1. I think the hard pans in the mix are supposed to disturb your listening experience. They are used sparingly, and judiciously applied. (Personally, I just don’t like the genre. But really, groove on!)

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