Vintage Style Sequencing With The Yamaha QX7

In this video, synthesist Espen Kraft takes a look at the vintage Yamaha QX7 sequencer.

Along the way, he programs a retro track that’s something special!

Video Summary:

“The Yamaha QX7 digital sequencer from 1985 was the second MIDI sequencer released by Yamaha. The flagship QX1 was out of reach for most people so they released a 2-track “budget” sequencer for those not super rich.

You recorded everything on track 1 and bounced that down to track 2 as you went along. All separete MIDI channels were kept through the bouncing so you could build big multi-timbral arrangements if you wanted. Except for a dedicaded “copy” function and note editing, the QX7 had it all and it worked great for most things. The QX21 came a little later and it’s basically the same sequencer for a lower price.”

If you’ve used the Yamaha QX7, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

6 thoughts on “Vintage Style Sequencing With The Yamaha QX7

  1. There are many interesting 80/90s midi-sequencers to check out, which goes to bargain prices and is fun to playing around. I can highly recommend to checkout Kawai Q-80 or the Roland MC series (MC-300 and MC-500)

  2. Had one in ’89, I got it at a thrift shop. It was my first hardware sequencer. Total garbage, terrible to program, can’t edit after bouncing. I had a panic attack when I saw this video 😉
    IMO a total waste of time dong a video on it.
    Instead he should have taken a look at the Kawai Q80 or Roland MC-500, the best and most professional sequencers of the time.

  3. I had the same ‘shit’ while programming my Yamaha DSR1000 those days. Not enough cash for a solid DX7 because the dollar had twice the value of what it had from today. But it could play ‘crocket’s theme’ properly. Anyways, cheers :p

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