Korg FX Brings New Effects To Prologue, Minilogue XD and NTS-1 Synthesizers


Sinevibes has introduced Korg FX – a new line of effects plugins for the Korg Multi-Engine found in their Prologue, Minilogue XD and NTS-1 synthesizers.

The plugins include:

  • KorgDipole – a through-zero flanger;
  • KorgDrift – a physically-modeled stereo panner;
  • KorgStutter – a self-randomizing audio repeater;
  • KorgSVF – a 4-pole state-variable filter; and
  • KorgTime – an ultra-wide range delay/looper.

Sinevibes has shared several previews:







Pricing and Availability

The effects are available individually for $19 USD, or in a bundle for $79.

14 thoughts on “Korg FX Brings New Effects To Prologue, Minilogue XD and NTS-1 Synthesizers

    1. Hi Chris! At present, the logue SDK doesn’t allow us to receive tempo clock. In an upcoming update, we’ll be able to get the current system tempo, but still not the clock ticks (without the exact clock ticks, transport sync for effects such as slice repeaters or LFO gates etc. is not possible). Also, regarding our website, we have the full user manual available for download for each plugin, it’s a bit more detailed compared to the website where we put the accent on video and audio to show what the product does. Cheers!

      1. Artemiy, Thanks for the reply. So far I rarely (or never) use the XD as a master clock. Still, I love this kind of effect. I may have to give it a try anyway. It may change my workflow, at least when using a smaller subset of my gear. Sorry, I didn’t see the manual on your website. Anything I clicked on re the effects seemed to want to take me directly to the store. Do you have to enter the store to download the manual?

        1. Chris, you are probably clicking on one of the bundles that indeed take you straight to the store. But you need to click one of the individual products below the bundles, that will take you to the respective product pages, for example: https://www.sinevibes.com/korgstutter/
          Also, as the SDK is updated, we will of course adapt to all the positive changes that it will bring, updating the plugins accordingly.

  1. Nick and Gaz talked about the NTS-1 with quite a bit of excitement in the latest Sonic Talk, saying it was powerful and sounded great as an FX unit. They were hoping that developers would come up with more FX for it. It’s cool that someone’s got some new offerings.

    1. Hi Gringo! Yes, NTS-1 is actually a surprisingly useful tool. Not only it’s small (but not flimsy!) and can be powered on the go off any portable power bank, but can still hold up to 16 oscillator and 32 effect plugins. Also, it does the processing in stereo (stereo in, stereo out), and you can run its synth at the same time too. I myself honestly have no idea how Korg managed to pull this off for such a size and such a price.

    1. Yeah it would have been great if both the xd and the prologue actually had an analog input. As about the pricing… I would argue that it’s adequate considering the quality and the packaging (three plugin formats per each effect), and the fact that Sinevibes is a sustainable business that has been operating without pause since 2006. Since 2006, you can get support, you can re-download your purchases, you can get updates. And we make a lot of effort so that you can have the same in 10 years, and in 20 years.

  2. now if only korg would finally release the xd module for the love of god. even nts is preorder only at thomann.
    it keeps being pushed back in europe, current eta is 7-8 weeks.
    will get the whole sinevibes range, keep up the good work.

  3. Great effects, but the KORG SDK is extremely limiting: too few parameters (especially for FX), no access to BPM or syncing, poor display of parameters (numeric or % only, can’t be named for example) – not to mention pretty awful documentation. All things KORG could easily fix but there’s no plan advertised – nor even a forum to discuss.

    1. Glad you liked the effects, thanks! I agree that there are limitations, however, we have never ever had such possibilities before, no other manufacturer offers anything like this at the moment (save for the boutique ones with fully open source firmware – but that is a totally different level of difficulty). What we could personally achieve on this platform, so far, has been surprisingly very good, and once you study the source code for the demo plugins that Korg provides, that’s more than enough to get started. Good sample code is better than any documentation 🙂 This said, we might actually create a little tutorial book for this in the future.

  4. I think 19$ for a single effect is not overpriced but also not cheap (compared to the synth self)… I will wait for a sale or alternatives…

    1. It’s actually difficult to compare $19 to the price of NTS-1 ($100) as well as prologue ($1500 or $2000) at the same time. The price difference at both ends is a whopping 20x 🙂 So we had to choose what will work for most customers and also what will allow us to move forward and create more interesting algorithms. Keep in mind: we have consistent pricing throughout the year – but we also do have loyalty discounts, this means after one purchase your next is 20% off, for example.

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