Lagrange Multi-Engine Synthesizer For iPad, iPhone

iceGear Instruments has introduced Lagrange Multi-Engine Synthesizer for iPad and iPhone.

Lagrange has two multi-oscillators, a noise generator and two filters that can be selected from various algorithmic models. You can also choose from 20 different routings to connect these modules.


  • Universal App – Optimized for both the iPad and the iPhone.
  • Audio Unit Extensions (AUv3) – You can use in a host application that supports Audio Unit such as GarageBand.
  • Audiobus support – You can stream live audio directly to other Audiobus-compatible apps.
  • Ableton Link – Ableton Link is a new technology that synchronizes beat, phase and tempo of Ableton Live and Link-enabled iOS apps over a wireless network.
  • MIDI – Core MIDI, Virtual MIDI, Inter-App Audio MIDI input
  • MIDI Clock synchronization – MIDI Controller Mapping
  • Programmable Arpeggiator – You can easily create your own pattern.
  • Master Tune – You can adjust the pitch of the entire instrument.
  • Microtuning – You can change the equal temperament tuning scale to a different tuning.

Pricing and Availability

Lagrange is available now for $7.99 USD.

One thought on “Lagrange Multi-Engine Synthesizer For iPad, iPhone

  1. I think I have most of the other IceGear synths, they sound great in part because they have Comb filters / Karplus-Strong delay lines that allow them to produce really interesting string or resonanting tones. Ideal for ambient in particular, though pretty good for percussion sounds too. Always a nice clean UI too which can belie how much is actually going on behind the scenes. A+

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