Free Update Adds MIDI Sequencing To Elektron Analog Rytm, Analog Four, Analog Keys

Swedish musical instrument company Elektron has announced major firmware updates for their  analog synth, Analog Four (MKI and MKII models), and their for analog drum machine, Analog Rytm.

The updates (OS 1.40 on the Analog Four and 1.50 on the Rytm) expand the instruments’ performance control, add sequencing potential, and increase machine power, among other improvements.

OS Update Highlights:

Sequencer MIDI Out. With Sequencer MIDI Out, the user can link to the rest of their gear with ease. Control velocity, note, and length on each step of the Elektron sequencer, and “breathe new life into old machines” with conditional trigs.

Scale per Track. Following on last summer’s OS upgrades for Elektron’s Digitakt and Digitone instruments, “and by popular demand,” Scale per Track is now possible on the Analog Four and Analog Rytm (MK I and MK II) machines! This new capability adds an element of “extra unpredictability and excitement” to users’ compositions.

Parameter Randomization. The OS update allows users to instantly randomize a parameter page, to let the machine take charge.

Multiple Quick Performance Control. Assign multiple performance macros to the lone Quick Performance Control knob.

Graphics improvements. New graphics have been added to make users’ machine navigation easier and more enjoyable.

Other fixes and improvements are detailed on the Elektron support page.

For more information, and to download the free OS update for the Elektron Analog Four MK II, and for Elektron’s Analog Rytm, check out the Elektron site.

16 thoughts on “Free Update Adds MIDI Sequencing To Elektron Analog Rytm, Analog Four, Analog Keys

  1. doesnt add extra tracks for ext MIDI, but its still pretty massive for rytm… A4 is a bit less useful but at least you can layer in external synths

    also tempo scaling per track + randomize parameters are very nice additions

  2. This is a huge update to me – it means you can sequence MIDI hardware and software polyphonically and also that you can have four cc outs dedicated to things like tempo synced LFOs, random voltages, envelopes, etc.

  3. This is FANTASTIC news and addresses the biggest wish list people had for the analog four and analog rytm. One of the best free updates ever.

    Can’t wait to try it out!

  4. My favorite music machines are the Analog Rytm MKII and the Analog Four MKII. I can’t wait to try these updated OSes. Scale per track is really going to open up a lot of possibilities without having to chain patterns. Specific tempo per pattern is a welcome feature, it’s going to be super useful. Hope they fixed the ultra sensitive knobs for some parameters on the AR MKII, it is annoying. And the new graphics are a welcome touch!

  5. What i have to say about this upgrade is : yes is a very good news. In my opinion was ab-.normal that analog keys has not midi out sequencencing capabilities. So now finaly… everything is gonna be all right.
    A good new product for me from elektron would be a sequencer-overbridge: a machine that can control elektron gear in a way like overbridge – but no a computer – with more tha 4 bar lenght per pattern and many many midi track…

    1. They would only sell about 3-4 of those sequencers. It sounds good in theory, like that Pioneer Squid but then no one buys it or cares.

  6. This is a great update. The last thing on my wish list is an easy way to backup my Elektron boxes. You plug your phone into your computer and it backs up automatically. There should be something similar for these boxes – it’s bizarre to not have a straightforward way to do this.

  7. > it means you can sequence MIDI hardware and software polyphonically

    can someone please explain what that means. i thought each sequencer track was monophonic in the sense that no chords could be recorded. am i right?

    1. On the A4 you can record chords but you only have 4 voices to work with. So now you can sequence external on top of that which makes it more useful.

    2. It’s more like a chord sequencer on steroids.

      Every note can trigger up to 3 additional notes at the same time. So they’ll have the same timing, etc, but can be any set of four notes that you want.

      For theory geeks, think homophonic vs polyphonic.

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