Make Noise Tape & Microsound Music Machine

Make Noise shared this video demo for its new Tape & Microsound Music Machine, introduced at Superbooth.

The Tape and Microsound Music Machine is a small stereo Eurorack system, devoted to ‘capturing external sounds and sculpting them into new ones’.

The Morphagene operates as a recorder that also allows the artist to mulch, layer and rearrange the sound and manipulate the speed and direction of playback. The Mimeophon repeats sounds and subjects them to further manipulation, and when combined with the Quad Peak Animation System (QPAS), incredible stereo sculpting of the spectrum. The Wogglebug and MATHS work to animate these effects, and the XOH provides a final stereo mix and line level or headphone outputs for monitoring and/or performance.


  • Voltage Controlled DSP (Digital Signal Processing)
  • Voltage Controlled Stereo Repeats and Halos: Mimeophon
  • Voltage Controlled Stereo Granularization: Morphagene
  • Complex Random Voltage Generator: Wogglebug
  • Dual analog control signal generator: MATHS
  • Signal Distribution and fan out: MULT
  • Voltage controlled multi-mode multi-peak stereo filtering: QPAS
  • Stereo mixing and final outputs: XOH
  • 3U Skiff w/ power supply
  • Patch cables
  • Blanking panels as appropriate (selection may vary)

Pricing and Availability

The Tape & Microsound Music Machine is available for $2120 USD.

14 thoughts on “Make Noise Tape & Microsound Music Machine

  1. Amazing instrument! As of now, in Germany it’s more expensive than the sum of its individual parts though, so I hope the price comes down a bit.

  2. Looking super cool, but half of synthtopia don’t dare mention the elephant in the room unless they want the other half to jump down their throats.

    1. Over 2 grand for a ‘digita’l (software) recorder and a few effect that could be emulated (and bettred) with Live, Bitwig and probably VCV Free….

      There, I said it.

      1. I have it and can sit in front of it for 6-7 hours without getting bored. I open my laptop and within 5 minutes I’m browsing the internet. There I said it

      2. Very true…
        But how much does a laptop and Ableton LIVE cost??? Would you want to play out live with it? Would it inspire you as much as this would??? These are the intangibles…

        I have no skin in the game either way and think you should just use what you want to use…Just make music any way you see fit. Who cares what tools you use?

    2. Is “the elephant in the room” the fact that people who insist software is just as good are compelled to troll every post about Eurorack?

    3. You mean that Behringer treats their employees like slaves, makes low quality instruments, only steals other peoples ideas, suppresses free speech and never delivers?

  3. I am curious if the digital recorder is comprised of those ISD answering machine chips in all the “DIY Sampler” Youtube videos.

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