Casiotone CT-S300, LK-S250 Keyboards Now Available

Casio America has announced that their new Casiotone CT-S300 and LK-S250 electronic keyboards are now available.

In 1980, Casio introduced the first Casiotone portable keyboard. Now, nearly 40 years later, Casio is releaseing the next generation of Casiotone keyboards.

Here’s a video intro from Summer NAMM:

The compact CT-S200, CT-S300 and LK-S250 let you make music wherever and whenever you want. They can run on six AA batteries. Each model also includes power supply and music rest.

Features include 61 full-size keys, an easy-to-read LCD display and intuitive controls. Dance Music Mode lets you easily create and remix EDM tracks. Select a style, and use the keys to trigger drum loops, basslines, synth parts, effects, transitions and more. Y0u can play via the built-in speakers, plug in headphones or via 1/8” audio input.

The CT-S300 adds touch responsive keys and a pitch bend wheel for added expression.

The LK-S250 features touch responsive keys with Casio’s Key Lighting System, making learning songs easier than ever. The LK-S250 also includes a microphone input, letting you add your voice to the mix.

Pricing and Availability:

These new Casiotones are available now:

See the Casio site for more information.

3 thoughts on “Casiotone CT-S300, LK-S250 Keyboards Now Available

  1. When the product image thumbnail popped up in my feed I was seriously disappointed with this not being a Hard Times article.

  2. I wish these had been around when I was busking and disrespecting my back with a dolly full of gear. Now, an iPad and 10 pounds of gear can = a giant synth warehouse plus orchestra. Holy bleep. Even though its a mini, that USB jack takes it over the top, too.

  3. Yamaha also just recently released a new PSS keyboard. First one in that line of products for almost 20 years. Check out the PSS-A50. It’s actually got some nice features for the price and apparently uses the Reface keys.

    P.S. if anyone is into old obsolete Casio and Yamaha keyboards, check out a Facebook group called “Crap Keys.” Still quite a devotion to these kinds of things.

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