VB-Audio Software Updates Voicemeeter Series, A Virtual Audio Mixer For Windows

VB-Audio has updated its Voicemeeter Series, a virtual audio mixer and a virtual audio device for Windows.

These versions come to correct different bugs reported during the past year and to offer some new functions and features requested by users.

Updates include a strip limiter on every inputs to improve the production process, a playback loop option for the integrated tape recorder, a multi track recording option to generate one file per recorded channel, a PRE and POST FX switch for the virtual ASIO insert driver (where is connected VST HOST or DAW for example), the 192 kHz support for the main audio stream, and a first x64 bits version of Voicemeeter Potato (installed in Voicemeeter folder).

The MacroButtons application, installed with Voicemeeter is also getting new functions, like 8 different colors buttons and a wait(ms) instruction to create sequence of commands in the script. MacroButtons can also now manage DMX 512 Network through a USB serial interface and send any DMX commands.

Pricing and Availability

Voicemeeter Standard and Voicemeeter Banana are distributed as Donationware, Voicemeeter Potato is distributed as donationware with an activation code, free to download and free to use. It will periodically invite you to activate your license after 30 days.

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