Synclavier Go! Adds MPE Support

Synclavier Go! has been updated to support MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression), an update to the MIDI standard that allows for more expressive performance options.

Since launch in January 2019, the app has been updated with multi-track MIDI input via a dedicated live mixing panel, and now support for MPE. Keyboards and other control surfaces with multiple dimensions of touch, such as the Roli Seaboard, Roger Linn’s LinnStrument and the Haken Continuum are fully compatible with Synclavier Go!

“It’s what we were aiming for right from the early iterations of the product,” says Synclavier’s Cameron Jones. “We added portamento and input controls, such as breath and pedals, all intent on pulling the keyboardist closer to the sound. Synclavier has always been an expressionate instrument, which
I believe, is why it was favoured by so many film score composers, but adding MPE takes the expression possibilities to a whole new level.”

Synclavier Digital has added a bank of eight MPE tagged timbres to the preset library to show off the potential of using the additional dimensions of touch: Strike, Press, Slide and Glide.

In the above video, musician Leith Fleming-Smith demonstrates the possibilities of the updated application.

Synclavier Go! Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability:

Synclavier Go! is available now for iPad for $39 USD.

4 thoughts on “Synclavier Go! Adds MPE Support

    1. Hmm, the original Synclavier did support sampling (and resynthesis, in addition to FM and additive synthesis) – does this version not have that?

      Supporting MPE/polyphonic aftertouch is nice; the Synclavier used the excellent Prophet T8 keyboard (maybe someday we can convince Dave Smith to make another nice MPE/poly pressure keyboard.)

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