Arturia Matrixbrute Update Quadruples Its Modulation Capabilities

Arturia has released a major update to their MatrixBrute synthesizer.

Version 2.0 integrates a number of user-requested features – with a revamp of the sequencer, a four-fold increase in its modulation capabilities, custom LFO creation, a new preset comparison feature, a “system” mode, and many smaller enhancements and bug-fixes.

Here’s what’s new in Matrixbrute 2.0:

  • Extended modulation capability. The original MatrixBrute featured 4 modulation options. The latest update gives the user 4 pages of 4 modulations, quadrupling its creative scope.
  • Preset compare mode. “Ever accidentally written over a great preset? Never again!” The updated firmware allows the MatrixBrute user to make sure their new sound is better than the existing one with the preset compare feature. Preview a slot before saving, and don’t lose favorite patches.
  • Create your own LFO. Users can draw their own waveshapes on the matrix, quantize the steps or smooth them out, to truly customize their sound. Users can also sync the LFO with triplets or dotted time divisions. Here’s a video tutorial about how to do just that.
  • New features for the sequencer. A simple but powerful overhaul of the sequencer lets the user easily duplicate and delete sections, rotate the sequence, visualize notes in the step, and more.
  • Totally independent control. For those who prefer to make system changes without having to connect to a computer, the new firmware update introduces a “system” mode, unlocking all parameters that normally could only be accessed through the MCC software.
  • Enhancements and bug fixes. MatrixBrute developers explain: “We’ve listened to MatrixBrute owners, and made things work even better for them. Now real-time recording with legato won’t retrigger envelopes, changing presets doesn’t reset the sync, and many more little improvements.”

For more information about the free firmware update, go to the Arturia Matrixbrute firmware webpage. The update is available for free to all MatrixBrute owners, and can easily be installed using the Arturia MIDI Control Center.

Additional information about the MatrixBrute is available on the Arturia website.

8 thoughts on “Arturia Matrixbrute Update Quadruples Its Modulation Capabilities

  1. This is an impressive update. I felt the synth had fallen short of its potential to some extent, and this was reflected in the nearly 50% discount in the second-hand market. If you’re int he market for one and don’t mind buying used, now would be the time.

    1. As an early adopter of the MatrixBrute, I am surprised it has fallen sort of it’s potential. I own somewhere in the realm of 50 synths and drum machines, and the MatrixBrute is one of my absolute favorites. This update is outstanding and greatly extends this synths potential.

  2. Love the new trend of companies like Arturia, Novation & Elektron doing releasing huge free updates to gear that’s been out for a few years. It rewards early adopters and keep their gear competitive.

    1. We can thank Access Music for this. They started this trend over 20 years ago with the Virus A. I don’t remember many manufactures releasing free feature updates before that, but I could be wrong. To this day, I’d say the Access Virus series is the most updated synth line ever. And we are talking some impressive updates.

      1. I agree. Waldorf did something like this. I got new filters for my Microwave II. I never got the wavetable software working properly.

        I am sure we were all Fairlight owners? They had good updates too

    2. Huge free updates? The Matrix brute was filled with horrible bugs that held it back and are completely unacceptable for a new product. Early adopters were treated like beta-testers, requested to send bug reports that were present for well over a year, and you want to congratulate them?

      It’s disgusting that they get away with stuff like this. Competitive? Rewards early adopters? I want what you’re having, you must be high as fuck. The way Arturia treated their customers, their early adopters of their flagship synth, was completely abysmal and these bugs should’ve been solved at release date, not one and a half year past date due to the work those adopters put in cataloging the bugs present.

      ‘loving’ the trend of such a horrendous way of treating customers is definitely only feeding into these companies that will do this more and more. Who cares about releasing a synth without bugs, when you can release it early and then get all the positive cred for releasing bug fixes and incremental updates? That’s one way to ruin the market. It seems synth manufacturers have taken a page out of the worst parts of the video game industry, and are getting complimented for doing so.

  3. This is fan-frakk’n-tastic! I adore my MatrixBrute, but it was seriously hampered by the lack of custom modulation destinations Expanding these from 4 to 16 is a MASSIVE update all by itself! The additional features are just icing on the cake!

    Now, if we can get a mod to replace the weird paper display, we will have a masterpiece!

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