DOT Polyrhythm Trigger Sequencer

DNIPRO shared this video demo of the DOT Polyrhythm Trigger Sequencer for Eurorack modular systems.

The DOT has 3 channels of patterns on a board and can be extended with additional DOTs, that can be chained together.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Dot is handy feature-packed tool for generating and managing rhythmic triggers in your system. It can fire drums, generate variable pulses, divide clocks, create polyrhythms on a fly with several twist of a knob or with deep, careful pattern programming.

Both generative and manual program techniques can be combined, f.e. you can create pattern with euclidian algorithm and then edit it in xox style or shift it with cv inputs to a new levels of variety.”


  • 3 channels trigger sequencer in 6 hp
  • euclidian pattern generators and XOX step programing
  • real time manual recording
  • 3 routable bi-polar cv inputs
  • ability to save and load patterns
  • programmable ratchets
  • swing
  • flip-able interface
  • stable clocking with ultra low latency
  • several modules can be chained to share clock and reset

Pricing and Availability

The DOT is available now for $160 USD.

3 thoughts on “DOT Polyrhythm Trigger Sequencer

  1. Polymetric not polyrhythmic in this case.Nice syncopations , subdivisions and polymeters.But can it do 5 or 7 notes in the space of 4 quarter notes?if so than yes its polyrhythmic.Otherwise its perpetuating the misuse of a musical term.There wasn’t any polyrhythms in the demo just subdivisions and polymeters, not to say it couldn’t be used to make them using a clock div/mult. Looks like a great module though! well done.

  2. Unless im mistaken this doesnt do polyrhythms? you can only affect pattern length (polymeter), not the divisions within the bar.

    Poly meter is def awesome and very useful.

    It looks like a really nice little trigger sequencer and very well priced, but not what i was expecting when i read the name and description

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