Build An Instrument Of Horror, The Apprehension Engine

A few years ago, we featured a video, embedded above, that demonstrates a DIY instrument, The Apprehension Engine, designed for creating eerie sound effects.

The Apprehension Engine was commissioned by film composer Mark Korven and built by luthier Tony Duggan-Smith and is described as ‘the spookiest instrument on Earth.’

Since then, Film Masters has shared a series of videos that demonstrate how you can build a DIY Apprehension Engine:

The two dozen videos in the series cover the build in detail, whether you want to create your own Apprehension Engine, or to use the design as inspiration for creating your own custom design.

via Tara Busch

4 thoughts on “Build An Instrument Of Horror, The Apprehension Engine

  1. Very nice. This is also one point where physical modelling synthesis is a lot of fun, pushing things to the extreme and getting really gruesome sounds.

  2. Take a kalimba, a hurdy-gurdy, an Ebow, and a spring reverb, nail them together with some white pine planks, and you have a sound effects machine. Those aren’t new sounds, though. Foley artists have been making noise like that since the B Movie monster days.

  3. This is the BEST sounding machine I’ve seen on this site ever – except for Synclavier Go!

    Ebow’s are awesome. Have had one since the 70’s.

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