Modular Ambient Anywhere

Sunday Synth Jam: This ambient modular jam, by Bryan Noll (Lightbath), was recorded live to MixPre-10T and mixed in Logic with additional processing and effects.

Here’s what Noll has to say about the technical details:

“With the addition of two Polyend Anywhere modules and two Intellijel Palette cases to my setup, I can now fit a powerful, fully-battery-powered system into my backpack and make music anywhere in nature.

I almost called this first piece ‘Trio for Friends, Rings, and Sparrow’ because it uses three voices: Just Friends played by Monome Norns (via Crow), a micro version of Rings into Clouds, and a live field recording that features a sparrow that flew directly overhead as it sang. Listen closely and you’ll notice that the sparrow also called the exact moment the piece ended. Magic. Sparrow Totem.”

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