Sonal System Announces Strung – Granular Synthesized Sound Presets

Today Sonal System released Strung – Granular vol. 1, the first in a series of audio collection presets featuring granular synthesized sounds.

The fifty presets in the Strung collection are unique, irreproducible sound forms, created exclusively to work in the iOS and Desktop versions of Audio Damage Quanta, and are especially expressive with custom mappings for the Sensel Morph.

Quick Look:

  • Premium presets for Audio Damage’s Quanta
  • Wide variety of guitars used as sources
  • Drones, Voices, Pads, and Motion Presets
  • 50 Presets with endless varieties
  • Enhanced sound manipulation with MPE mappings

Sonal System developers explain: “We began by sampling from a hi-res string source in the form of electric guitars, rich in tonal character. These textures were profoundly moving on their own but were given a fresh quality when imported into Audio Damage’s Quanta. Our presets made for Quanta are … ready to be stretched and manipulated in ways only granular synthesis allows.”

Technical Specifications:

  • 290+ MB
  • 50 Presets categorized by type
  • Compatible with both iOS and Desktop versions of Audio Damage Quanta

These 50 presets work in any instance of Audio Damage’s Quanta and are especially expressive with our mappings for the Sensel Morph.

Pricing and Availability

Sonal System’s Strung, the first in their series of of audio collection presets featuring granular synthesized sounds is available today via the Sonal System website for $19.99. They are offering Synthtopia readers a 25% discount on the collection by using this link.

Prospective users who also need to purchase Audio Damage Quanta in order to use the Strung collection can do so at a 40% discount off the regular $99 price here on the Audio Damage website, or can use the code SENSELQUANTA on the Audio Damage Checkout page.

More information is on the Sonal System website.

4 thoughts on “Sonal System Announces Strung – Granular Synthesized Sound Presets

  1. Unfortunately, Quanta is barely usable for me. It crashes randomly when I parse through the provided presets, killing my Cubase instance completely. I contacted Audio Damage support about it but got no answer back.

  2. Curious about the MPE mapping.
    Got Quanta on iPadOS and a Sensel Morph (though without the Buchla Thunder overlay), along with some other MPE controllers. Haven’t noticed MPE-savvy factory presets in Quanta. It’s not that tricky to map aftertouch and CC74 (Z and Y axes, “press” and “slide”) to interesting parameters. It just requires some prep work. Maybe the sound design on these patches has been much more precise and creative than assigning two dimensions to, say, grain length and position. It could well be that there are subtle interactions between multiple parameters which make these patches really “sing”. The demos don’t make these things very obvious to my ear.

    1. Hello…thanks for listening to the audio demos! The mappings are quite extensive depending on the patch and how we thought the expressiveness would be well…most expressive 🙂 Obviously with having a wide range of control with MPE and in this case the morph showcasing the expressiveness is much more of a tactile experience along with what you’re hearing in real time…I hope you check them out and would love to hear what you think!

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