Get Your Kicks (Free Download)

Ableton has published an article, Drop It: The Kick in Electronic Music, by musician and author David Abravanel that looks at the history and DNA of the electronic kick.

The article also dissects the elements of electronics kicks and examples of kicks with different attacks, bodies, and tails:

They recommend using headphones or loudspeakers to hear the differences.

A free sound pack of kick drum samples is available along with the article.

6 thoughts on “Get Your Kicks (Free Download)

    1. I find it ridiculous too , having to mention self explanatory things but on the other hand i am amazed by how many people dont do that as a default mindset. Btw i will read the article just for the kicks of it

  1. I get no kick from champagne…
    Mere alcohol doesn’t thrill me at all
    So tell me, why should it be true…
    That I get a kick out of you…

    aahhh…. what a fantastic song!!!!

  2. I get no kick from cocaine
    I’m sure that if I took even one sniff
    It would bore me too thickly too
    But I get a kick out of you’r kicks!

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