Free miniKorg Style User Oscillator For ‘logue SDK Synthesizers

hammondeggsmusic has released 1973, a new User Oscillator for ‘logue SDK compatible synths.

The developer says that ‘1973 emulates some of the sounds you can get from an original 1973 miniKORG 700 synthesizer, including the dual HP and LP “traveler” style filter!’

It’s available as a free download, but donations are encouraged to help support further development.

7 thoughts on “Free miniKorg Style User Oscillator For ‘logue SDK Synthesizers

  1. I´m really considering getting a Korg Minilouge XD due to that I find this concept very cool but is currently holding back due to that NammShow 2020 is around the corner and who knows what Korg may or may not announced?

    1. I bought the XD desktop as an entry into this synth. With in a month I traded up to a Prologue 16. It’s heaven! I love the programmable oscillators and effects capability. The last thing I bought was a kronos. So I deserve something new 🙂

    2. Korg is currently the only company with a synth open to third party plugins and everybody else will have to play catch up now.

      Brilliant idea, well executed. Remember when it was introduced and people were losing their minds over the basic LFO options?

    3. I am hoping they will announce a rack version/module of the Prologue….and maybe ever a super synth called the Epilogue someday that expands further on the Prologue….while even offering 2 of the custom engines.

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