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  1. Cool, thanks for this information into something I know squat about. Good teacher btw! Do you have a YouTube or website that explores more of what you do? I need to learn this stuff i.e. equipment, compatible lights, software…so forth

    1. Hi. I am a stage lighting designer who relaxes with synthesizers. The presenter is using an ENTTEC DMXis USB dongle. This little box will output one DMX universe (512 chns). The device is connected to a daisy chain of DMX compatible receivers by way of DMX cables (3 or 5 pin XLR but you should use 3 or 5 core 22awg twisted pair(s) with overall screen and not mic cable). The dongle is packaged with a software application which will plug in to your DAW. As for ‘DMX receivers’ I’d suggest the sculpture demonstrated above is constructed using LED tapes and a few LED DMX Driver cards along with relevant power supplies (search ebay) which is a relatively cheap option but to provide some perspective I’ve just purchased a dozen lights. They are listed at £18 000.00, each. P.S. Although this is a cool tool for DAW users, solo artists & small bands, it is a solution to a problem which has not just been professionally solved but evolved and upscaled so I can do similar but more nuanced work but controlling 500 thousand channels.

  2. Ableton Live and DMXIS are a lot of fun! Ive used this method, you could also use M4L MIDI effects to tweak parameters, or what Ive been doing lately is saving presets within the DMXIS VST and then sending program changes via clips.

  3. A more efficient way will be to use the ARTNET protocol that is literally DMX over Ethernet network and WIFI.

    Max4live device can send out ARTNET signal over udp , containing multiple DMX universes
    And there are many cheap hardware devices that takes in Ethernet cable , ARTNET input , and Output DMX via xlr cable.

    It does needs to be fully understood , both the workflow and the basic use of light programing in general ,
    and then it is as simple as midi editing in clips and launching clips of lighting cues.

  4. Bonjour,
    Y-a-t-il un moyen avec live et une prog via dmxis (vst) d’avoir une visualisation 3D, à moindre coût si possible 🙂 ? Car j’ai des semaines de prog à venir et ça va être galère d’avoir à mettre et enlever le matériel à chaque fois…
    Merci pour vos lumières…

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