Modal Argon8 Wavetable Synthesizer Review

The latest loopop takes a look at the new Modal Argon8, a $699 polyphonic wavetable synthesizer that builds on the legacy of the Modal 02.

Video Summary:

“Argon 8 from Modal is an 8 voice, digital wavetable synth, with virtual analog, waveshaping and FM thrown in for good measure. It has plenty of hands on controls, a nice selection of on board effects and an arpeggiator and sequencer.

It’s competitively priced but is it worth it?  This video takes an in-depth look at its capabilities and compares it to its other recently announced peer – Hydrasynth.”

Topics covered:

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:55 Overview
  • 2:45 Screen
  • 4:05 Knobs
  • 5:30 Joystick
  • 7:10 Connectivity
  • 7:30 Oscillators
  • 8:55 Wave banks
  • 12:50 Spread
  • 14:00 Wave mods
  • 16:50 Osc mods
  • 21:00 Filter
  • 23:40 Envelopes
  • 26:00 LFOs
  • 29:10 Expression
  • 29:55 Mod matrix
  • 31:00 Effects
  • 34:30 Arpeggiator
  • 36:30 Sequencer
  • 39:15 Software
  • 39:50 Misc
  • 41:30 vs Hydra
  • 43:20 Pros, cons
  • 45:30 Outro jam

15 thoughts on “Modal Argon8 Wavetable Synthesizer Review

  1. Nice review, it seems a lot of synth for the price but reverb on wavetables? Big reverb on wavetables? Beyond Kitch, better use a James brown sample instead.

  2. How come the price listed here is never the price at Sweetwater and Guitar Center? Do they jack the price 50 bucks just to screw the early adopters? K2 was supposed to be 299, it’s 350-400 everywhere, RD8 was supposed to be 349, it’s 399 everywhere.

    1. What are you going on about? While I completely agree with your notion that there’s a widespread misconception that Behringer is “super cheap” even though their prices are higher than they convey for almost every product, this thread has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with Behringer.

      No idea where Synthtopia gets their numbers, maybe $699 is the MSRP and retailers have chosen some other number and others have conformed to the price hike, because I absolutely recall it being $699 on a shop but I can’t remember which.

    2. The Behringer stuff is more expensive because there are high tariffs on Chinese made goods coming into the USA. The same would apply to the argon8 if it’s made in China. That could really screw up MSRPs and margins.

  3. This looks like a ton of synth for the money.

    I’d like to see more convincing demos, though – maybe because I’m more into ambient/space music sounds. But this seems like it would be perfect for this type of stuff.

  4. “Four oscillators per voice” really means two oscillators per voice, each with a sub oscillator (with more tuning options than a traditional analog sub osc)? Or am I missing something?

  5. Its half of a Modal 02 for hardware fans who want some wavetable means for under $1k. Its easy to see this in a rig next to a MiniBrute and a Minilogue. That’s the basic price point area. Kebu would be all over this one if he wasn’t an analog/vintage purist. If I was still stacking up hardware, I’d play this from a longer keyboard, because its a great module-with-keys. Gold stars for the editor and joystick.

  6. Making a spot next to my Tribute 37 and below my Prophet Rev2. I wonder how long it will take to get? Sweetwater says they are on back-order.

  7. I think the new Korg Wavestate will kill the Argon8. I almost pre-ordered. I am intently watching loopop’s review of both synths again and deciding.. I do like Modal Skulpt because I travel for work and it is much better than iPad synths.

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