K-Devices Releases HEXO, A Multitrack Sequencer/Arpeggiator

K-Devices has released the HEXO, a Max For Live Device that they say offers “deep and innovative composition tools to create, sketch, and/or variate harmonic, melodic loops and beats”.

HEXO lets you edit and write MIDI patterns using six independent tracks in an editable brick-grid. You can set probabilities for each step and let HEXO create variations on the fly or use the advanced random functions to create brand new rhythms and grooves.

HEXO provides advanced time settings per track, for polymetric and/or polyrhythmic patterns. Choosing between Arpeggio or Riff modes lets HEXO build harmony movements on top of your live played notes and MIDI clips.

HEXO is based on six tracks, where each one generates streams of MIDI notes from a sequencer that may work from 2 to 32 steps independently.

  • For each step of each track you can define the event on, its velocity, its length and decrease its chance to be generated. T
  • Each track has exclusive tools for advanced editing: time resolution, a smart randomization and a back to default buttons, a function to rotate the sequence, global parameters of length and velocity, sequence bending and a delay.
  • It is also possible to store up to 4 snapshots and modulate between these to alternate riffs on the fly; the AutoSnaps function then can be used to variate between these snapshots with the probability amounts you want.
  • Being a MIDI device, HEXO works with any instrument. Each track can be set to work on a specific MIDI note or interval, and it is also possible to map these with an external keyboard on the fly.

Pricing and Availability:

HEXO is available now with an introductory price: 24€ (39€ value) through Jan 7, 2020.

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